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$LFG Token

LFG token will be deployed as BEP-20 on BSC chain. LFG native token will be multi-chain on BSC, Polygon, Solana and beyond to support cross-chain platform solution.

  • Platform discounts – 50% discount on platform fees when LFG is used as base currency
  • Staking & Rewards – We are offering high APY staking/LP pools to our community and platform rewards
  • NFT Promotion ads – Promote your NFTs and profile using LFG tokens to receive more impressions
  • Social Token – To empower creators and boost engagement in our LFGs and community pages, LFG tokens will follow a share-to-earn model
  • Governance – LFG is the dedicated governance token for the Gamerse ecosystem
  • Transaction fee burn – 50% of transaction fees paid in LFG will be burnt, increasing token scarcity over time



LFG = Looking for Gamerse

#LFG 🚀


    • LFG Token Raise Begins
    • Secure Partnerships
    • LFG Smart Contract Audit
    • Begin PR & Marketing

    September 2021

    • Ramp-up Marketing Campaign
    • Launch $LFG staking
    • Conceptualize Gamerse Social wallet
    • Announce strategic partners
    • Partnership airdrops
    • CEX Listing

    November 2021

    • MVP Launch airdrop
    • Gamerse MVP Launch
    • Gaming studio for creators
    • Launch Gamerse Decentralized IGO
    • Launch iOS and Android Apps
    • Launch Gamerse Social wallet
    • More exciting milestones TBA!

    Q1 2022

  • August 2021

    • v1 Beta Testing
    • CoinMarketCap Airdrop
    • PR & Marketing Begin
    • Secure a Launchpad
  • October 2021

    • LFG (BSC) Token Launch (IDO)
    • Airdrop campaign
    • DEX/CEX Listings
    • Secure verified games
    • Ramp-up PR/Marketing
  • December 2021

    • Begin Solana Integration
    • Mainstream Marketing campaign
    • Gamerse Festive Virtual Event
    • More NFT gaming Collabs
    • LFG Token fiat on-ramp

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