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$LFG Token

Gamerse is powered by $LFG the native ERC-20 cryptographic token on the platform. We will also deploy our LFG token on polygon network, for our scaling and minting solutions. Gamerse’s native token gives the ability to receive 50% discounts on all platform transaction fees. In order to increase token adoption and build a strong community, we will be offering Staking/LP rewards with high APYs. LFG tokens are also governance tokens that allow token holders to propose and vote on community changes to the platform. In order to increase LFG token scarcity and value over time, 50% of all platform transaction/minting fees are burned when LFG tokens are used as base currency. To empower creators and boost engagement in our LFGs, community pages, and DAOs, LFG tokens will follow a share-to-earn model.



LFG = Looking for Gamerse

#LFG 🚀


    • LFG Token Raise Begins
    • Secure Partnerships
    • LFG Smart Contract Audit
    • Begin PR & Marketing

    September 2021

    • Ramp-up Marketing Campaigns
    • Gaming NFT Launchpad (IGOs)
    • Integrate Solana and BSC
    • Secure More Strategic Partnerships
    • Metaverse development

    November 2021

    • Gaming studio for creators
    • Launch Gamerse metaverse
    • Launch iOS and Android Apps
    • Launch v2 web app
    • More exciting milestones TBA!

    Q1 2022

  • August 2021

    • v1 Beta Testing
    • CoinMarketCap Airdrop
    • PR & Marketing Begin
    • Secure a Launchpad
  • October 2021

    • LFG Token Launch
    • LFG Staking Contract Launch
    • DEX/CEX Listings
    • MVP Launch
    • Integrate polygon network
  • December 2021

    • Gamerse v2 development
    • Mainstream Marketing campaign
    • Gamerse Festive Virtual Event & Airdrop
    • More NFT gaming Collabs
    • Launch LFG Fiat On-Ramp



iOS and Android
Apps coming soon

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